Areas of Practice:
Legal counsel, Banking, International Trade, Commercial and civil  Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Investment in Iraq ; business law and legal contracts.
Firm Profile:
The firm was established in 1954 by the lawyer (Ahmed walli AL-Azzawi) after him his Sons advocate Said Ahmed Walli. DR Adnan Ahmed walli,
  Hussein Ahmeed Walli and Ibtisam Ahmed walli stay Keep on the continuous in the work’s office and this legal inheritance and the long expertness made a good track to keep the work in office on all these years to be one of the famous offices in it is legal expertness on region standard in the country and increase it is perkily led many lawyers join to our firm

Law Firm Affiliation: 
NAME:  Hussein Ahmed AL Azzawi.
Practice Areas: Investment in Iraq, legal counsel, intellectual property, Register Company, Trade law, civil litigation, legal contracts, International banking and business law.

NAME: Abtsam Al Azzawi
Practice Areas: Register Company - legal counsel.

NAME: Najla Ali Abed.
Practice Areas: intellectual property. Register company -Trade law